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Ayurveda is the ancient Indian holistic medicine. Its literal translation - 'knowledge of life' teaches us that it is not only a science of medicine but a vast body of living knowledge that encompasses almost every aspect of life. From daily routine, diet, lifestyle and on to treating diseases, knowledge of medicinal herbs and substances, there almost isn't a thing that Ayurveda doesn't touch in one way or another.

Ayurveda's goals are to keep the healthy healthy and to cure the diseased and it defines itself as a universal science which is non dependent on place or time. So even though Ayurveda began long ago in the Vedic times of ancient India it is relevant here and now in our modern day living and that is because Ayurveda mainly offers tools which help us understand the working of our body and mind and the laws of nature which influences them. All that alongside a lot of specific information and knowledge regarding medicine, treatments, daily routine and more.

In many ways the heart of Ayurveda lies in the Tri-Dosha doctrine which enables us to understand how the body works, the balances and natural tendencies of each person in a specific manner and how our actions as well external forces affect this balance.

Ayurvedic Treatment

An Ayurvedic treatment is done for increasing health and vitality and to heal or manage any diseases in the body, mind and soul. It is a process where we learn about ourselves and deepen our knowledge of diet and lifestyle which suits us best and learn how our surroundings affect our balance. 

A treatment can deal with a wide array of problems - digestive issues, skin diseases, fertility problems, mental disorders like depression or anxiety, lack of energy, vitality and more. 

Being a holistic medicine, anything can be a therapeutic tool in Ayurveda when understanding the underlying properties and qualities of the imbalance and counteracting them. As and old and experienced science Ayurveda has classical and accepted tools like: diet, lifestyle, medicinal herbs and substances in diverse preparations and a large arsenal of physical therapies and cleanses.

Ayurveda treats people as a whole instead of just dealing with a label of a disease and in many cases people with the same disease will be treated in different manners. The will is to understand the cause of the problem and to see the disease as a signal which is pointing to an imbalance and not as something external or a disturbance we need to put out.

The treatment involves the patient in the healing process and is done gradually in order to instill good habits and to remove those that cause harm. It does not involve a crash diet, a miraculous plant or super food which will save you and cure all your problems but rather real ongoing work and self-learning in order to create a state of health, vitality and joy.


I am Roee Raifeld an Ayurvedic therapist, Thai Masseur and yoga teacher.

I am constantly curious about the vast knowledge of ancient sciences  which are full of centuries of human experience and an on going precision of theories and tools.

I feel that it is my calling to help Ayurveda shine and assist in its application so that we can all improve and better this glorious path which is our life.

Roe | VEDA | איורוודה | רועי רייפלד Raifeld | Ayurveda Israel


Ayurvedic Consultation - Diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine | VEDA | Ayurveda Israel | Roe Raifeld
Ayurvedic Consultation

To treat a wide array of diseases and psychological  disorders and also to improve health and vitality. Using diet and lifestyle changes medicinal herbs, cleanses and physical therapy.

Ayurvedic Massage treatment | VEDA | Ayurveda Israel | Roe Raifeld
Ayurvedic Massage

A warm oil massage using specific ayurvedic herbal oils for either body type or problem. A relaxing and nourishing massage. Helps with body pain, stagnant lymph and general well being.

 Shirodhara - Third Eye Ayurvedic treatment | VEDA | Ayurveda Israel | Roee Raifeld

A gentle pouring of warm oil over the forehead and third eye. Great for relaxing the mind and nervous system. Helps psychological disorders, insomnia and more.

Thai Massage |VEDA | Ayurveda Israel | Roe Raifeld
Thai Massage

An ancient and wise massage derived from the Buddha's sangha in India. Massage takes place on the floor with clothes and involves stretching, acupressure rocking and more. 

Nasya Ayurvedic treatment |VEDA | Ayurveda Israel | Roe Raifeld

Putting Ayurvedic medicinal oil up the nose for problems shoulders and above including sinus problems, migraines, respiratory issues and more. 

Ayurvedic consultations and treatment can be done online via Zoom if you are not close by.


To book an appointment or for any question message me

Roee Raifeld

Clinic's address: 11 Itamar ben avi st., Ness Ziona, Israel


Clinic in Ness Ziona, Israel

(20-25 min. south of Tel Aviv)

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